Riding with Confidence - EVENT

Would you like to be more confident with your horse? 

Why motivation is the key to becoming more confident.

Believe it or not, your motivation and confidence are interlinked and are not something that you either have or don’t have. And because your motivation and confidence are shaped by you and your environment, you can’t just think yourself more motivated or more confident.

Your perceptions of the support you get from those around you, particularly people who are important to you like parents, partners, teachers and coaches, have a huge impact on your motivation and confidence. Supporting success is vital for building confidence. Understanding this can help you to take control and create a supportive environment for yourself, and in doing so, boost your self-motivation and self-confidence!

This talk will highlight the everyday things that you can do to support your motivation and boost your confidence with your horse, both on the ground and riding!

Marianne Davies has been a coach and coach educator for over 25 years and specialises in motivation and learning. She has a BA (Hons) in Sport Health and Physical Education, an MRes (distinction) in Sports Science (motivation and learning), and is about to start a PhD at Hartpury University in Equine Performance.

Thu 22 Nov – 7.00pm

Gwesty Llety Park Hotel,
Aberystwyth SY23 3TL

Tickets on the door £5.00
Info: carregdressage@gmail.com