We can help.

Do you feel stuck in a rut or that your horse is no longer progressing, or your dressage scores have plateaued?  By helping you to encourage your horse to work happily and harmoniously we can improve the quality of your riding.

Training here will begin with a detailed assessment on the lunge to see how the horse moves and responds naturally.  The horse will then be assessed under saddle. Georges will go on to mutually agree a programme of work with you the rider, which he believes to be compatible with the horse’s needs.

The aim at Carreg Dressage is to teach all horses to move correctly over the back in order to carry the rider with grace and with ease throughout all the desired movements.

“A horse working correctly over the back and supporting its own balance will improve its score by between 5 and 8%”  
This is a fundamental precept of our work. 

We believe that the quality of contact with the horse’s mouth is a trademark stamp of the training at Carreg Dressage. This is achieved by teaching the horse to take charge of its own balance, you will never find gadgets of any kind in our tack room.

This approach to training results in happy athletic horses who are able to continue competing and performing well into their twenties.



I just wanted to say, thank you and how much I enjoyed the experience of working with someone who is classically trained and willingly and so generously shares their knowledge with others.
I will work on those areas we discussed to re-connect her to the power she clearly has and I hope you see the difference when we next meet. (She is trained to PSG)
— Hillary Wells, BD judge, Cheshire
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Special Offer
Training Package: £350.00



Five days and four nights of assessment, improvement, one-to-one discussion and planning.

Access can also be arranged to any of our specialist support team.

Relax and revive in our purpose built accommodation overlooking the stables.

Beach rides and quiet hacking available nearby.


Just a short note to thank you very much indeed for an inspirational clinic. What a joy to find a teacher who will share the detail of hard won knowledge! Please know that this is truly appreciated and valued.
I rode today with renewed and refreshed focus and achieved (I think) some good improvement.
— Lyndsay Scott, Grand Prix Rider


Improve your scores

Georges is a specialist at improving the quality of passage and piaffe, he also has great ability in freeing and straightening flying changes and improving the fluency of the paces. This means he can help you improve your scores at all levels.

Carreg Dressage has successfully trained clients to compete within the British Dressage system from Novice to Grand Prix level.  All horses are treated as individuals to make the most of their own abilities.

Georges is able assist in developing improved technique and to offer detailed advice on how to achieve higher test scores. 

Our competition sized 60m x 20m Martin Collins outdoor arena allows riders to prepare and perfect movements in advance of competition and the tranquil and secluded setting creates an atmosphere where there are few distractions and the rider can focus totally on the needs of the horse.

Carreg Dressage offers a bespoke one-to-one service where we all aspire to do the very best for you and for your horse.

Katerina Cox –  www.katerinacoxdressage.com
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Georges you are a magician. Thank you for an amazing session with my horse.
— Julie Gough
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