Outdoor Arena
Our competition sized 60m x 20m outdoor arena with Martin Collins turf float surface gives riders the space to prepare and perfect movements.  

Indoor School
We have a 30m x 15m indoor school with a Martin Collins dust-free gel track surface, equipped with large training mirrors. This allows riders to view corrections made during schooling and is ideal for use in poor weather conditions.

Twelve airy stables and a secured tack room are accommodated within the barn.

Turn out for horses include large fields, secure stallion paddocks and small paddocks, all with plenty of woodland shelter and running water. 

There is also a drying room, horse showering and rug washing facilities.



Schooling liveries are individually designed for the horse concerned following a detailed assessment of needs agreed with the owner.

Georges Dewez schools all horses, or teaches horse and rider personally and is directly responsible for the progress of horse and rider. Usually horses are schooled 6 days a week with one day off. 

Turn out is available on request in purpose designed paddocks, according to the owners wishes.

Livery costs include organic haylage made on the farm plus non-GM feed and Equilibra balancer. Any additional supplements or special feeds should be supplied by the horse owner.  Any additional costs such as shoeing or vets visits will be charged for in addition to the basic schooling livery rate.

Full Schooling Livery:   £270.00 per week
Individual lessons:         £50.00 for 45 mins.

Training Package:           £350.00 (including accommodation)
Accommodation:             £45.00 first night, £15 each subsequent night



Georges Dewez is available to teach clinics at other venues within reasonable distance. Arrangements may be made for private lessons or assessments too – please contact Jane for details.

Horses are required to be competing at BD Novice level and above, or equivalent.

Rates: £55.00 per 45 minute lesson plus cost of travel for a minimum of five horses.

Georges has a quiet manner which inspires confidence and brings out the very best in horses both working in hand and under saddle, it is very evident how much horses like and trust him.
— Steph Bradley, Master Saddler
Transformative – both for horse and rider.  The quality of training reflects Georges’ extensive knowledge and experience which is tailored to meet the needs of individual riders, providing an appropriate level of challenge to inspire and support measurable progress.  The team at Carreg Dressage provide professional care and schooling for horses at livery, and offer support and guidance to clients beyond expectations.  Carreg Dressage is outstanding.
— Jane Martin, Shrewsbury


We are supported by a team of professional experts providing visiting horse owners with an opportunity to source every aspect of horse care during their visit with us. These include:

Equine Dentistry:
Geraint Hughes and Jess Collard Hughes
HCE Equine Dental Services

Sarah Braithwaite at ForagePlus

Williams Vets

Fyrwny Equine Vets.

Equine Osteopathy:
Nationally recognised specialist – Stuart McGregor

Saddle Fitting: 
Steph Bradley – Master Saddler

Dorian Jones

Feed Merchants:


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Special Offer
Training Package: £350.00


Five days and four nights of assessment, improvement, one-to-one discussion and planning.

Access can also be arranged to any of our specialist support team.

Relax and revive in our purpose built accommodation overlooking the stables.

Beach rides and quiet hacking available nearby.