Coaching the Mind: Building Confidence: Carreg Dressage July 17th 2018



Come and join us on this equine focussed ‘Coaching the Mind: Building Confidence’ workshop and empower you to be more confident and set yourself up for success.


Confidence comes from knowing that you can do something, or learn to do something. And knowing why you know! 


What we will cover:

We will explore what you need to feel confident with your horse and realise your aspirations, whatever they are.You will be introduced to a range of mental skills that will help you reduce feelings of anxiety and increase your awareness, focus and skill. You will also learn how to build your confidence through effective profiling, planning, setting and monitoring your goals.


At the end of this workshop you will have an individual action plan. You will also have some tools to support you in practising the skills you have learnt and be in control of your own motivation and decision making. 


For coaches:

This workshop will help you to get more from your regular lessons so if you are a coach or instructor and you bring two of your students, you come free!



Skills introduced in this workshop:

Relaxation, mindfulness and awareness- reducing anxiety when you are anxious.

Focus of attention- away from your worries and on what you need to attend to.

Mental rehearsal and imagery- training your mind to practice what you need and remember courses and tests.

Profiling- understand where you are now and what you need to reach your goals.

Goal setting- plan your journey to your confident and happy achievement of your equine goal!


About Marianne:

Marianne has worked in adventure sports for over 30 years. She is a coach, a coach educator and a training and assessment director. Marianne is a provider of the British Canoeing, Coaching the Mind support modules for participants and coaches. She is also a provider of fitness, fundamentals of movement and coaching children workshops. As well as her practical experience Marianne has a BA (hons) in Sport Health and Physical Education and an MRes (distinction) in Sports Science (motivation and skill acquisition).

Marianne continues to be involved in research into skill acquisition and motivation, the influences of practice structure on learning, and performance and decision making in adventure sports and high risk environments.

Key words: Confidence, motivation, empowerment, mental skills