Georges Dewez Clinic


We were delighted to receive an invitation from the BHS Mid Wales Chair, Felicity Wills and Fiona Evans from The Ceredigion Bridleways Group and Dyffryn Paith Riding Club to showcase our work locally, in Aberystwyth.

The evening began with a lunging demonstration using Belle de Notte, owned by Sara Parry Jones. Georges demonstrated how useful lunging can be in activating the hind quarters, balancing the horse without a rider and straightening the paces. Sara then rode Bella on the lunge in order to demonstrate how we approach correcting the rider on a novice horse.

As we could not resist introducing some echoes of the past, the evening was interspersed with poems and stories written for us during our time producing Equilibre Horse theatre, read by Charmian Savill. 

Next, Georges rode Unico, a Lusitano stallion working at PSG level, owned by Laura Duncalf. The demonstration really showed how we approach warming up a horse for more advanced work and how to harness the horse’s energy into greater collection.

It was great to have Jez Danks playing live music throughout the evening, adding warmth and atmosphere on an increasingly chilly night.

Finally, Georges rode Cordero, a PRE stallion owned by Jane Lloyd Francis. Despite now being 19 years old, Cordero was very full of himself but eventually stopped shouting long enough to show the advanced collected work in piaffe and passage.

Thanks to Phi and Annette, who did a great job of producing and managing the horses, and to Phil Hay for driving. To Jess and Jennie Bryne Daniels out long-term for the outstanding floral displays. To Dick and Fiona for wine imports and the rest of their family and friends who helped make the evening a success, with a near capacity audience. Thank you all.