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Young Geaorge
Georges trained with riders from the Spanish School at Lippica in
Slovenia, which was origionally the stud of The Spanish School of
Vienna. As a young boy he rode with the Guardians of the Camargue in the South of France.

However, the greatest influence on his riding and training
methodology remains the great Maestro Nuno Oliveira, with whom, Georges was fortunate enough to train in Portugal. Greatly inspired by The Maestro's quest for ever greater lightness and balance and the artistry of his riding, Georges returned to Wales to establish Carreg Dressage with Jane Lloyd Francis in 1990. Georges now trains horses and riders from Novice to Intemediaire 1 and teaches at clinics in the UK and Portugal.

During the following years the breaking in and training of hundreds of
horses, of every breed and type has informed and influenced the
training philosophy at Carreg Dressage.

Georges trained as a marine biologist and was a founder member of Greenpeace in Europe. The commitment that Georges has for the landscape is reflected in the environmental management of the farm, Carreg Dressage is an organic farm recognised by the Soil Association and is situated within a designated Environmentaly Sensitive Area.


Jane Lloyd Francis grew up on a farm in Mid Wales and has ridden for most of her life, following the customary route through pony club together with riding her mother’s young horses. Jane only started to train seriously in 1990, two years after meeting Georges Dewez and partnering him in establishing Carreg Dressage. With a professional background in management Jane helped establish Carreg as a unique training centre gaining a number of management awards.

As training assistant on the yard Jane has been trained mainly by Georges Dewez, but has ridden and trained in Portugal and France, gaining extensive experience over the last 25 years working especially with young horses, and retraining difficult horses. Over the years Jane has accompanied Georges in many classical demonstrations.

Anette Lister- Yard Manager- on her horse Jim Ynyslas Ocober 2009


Lucinda Firman riding her horse Jerry.

yard Manager : Annette Lister

Annette Lister came to Carreg Dressage as a working pupil, during which time she also worked for other clients of Carreg Dressage who live nearby.

Annette has been our Yard Manager at Carreg Dressage for the last 8 years and is an integral part of the team and the business. Annette 's dedication to the care and well being of the horses is outstanding, she pays great attention to detail and takes her work very seriously so all clients can be confident that they are leaving their horses in very capable hands.

Annette has spent a number of years working on a variety of yards and animal sanctuaries, including 2 years at Mallards Reach Equestrian Centre, this has given has significant experience in the care and well being of horses. Annettes attention to detail is a great asset in the running of the yard.

Annette graduated from Bangor University with a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and retains a keen interest in diving and marine ecology when not working with horses. Annette is a keen environmentalist and has already implemented an upgrade of the recycling scheme at Carreg.


Ophelia grew up in France and started riding at the age of 4. Over the years she has helped and ridden for professional riders and studs, mainly on show-jumping yards.
At 18 she decided to move to Wales and graduated from Aberystwyth University with a B.Sc. Hons in Equine Science, followed by a M,Sc. in Animal Science. Ophelia's main interests are in equine exercise physiology, biomechanics, behavior and welfare.
Ophelia has worked at Carreg Dressage for over a year and her cheerful personality and her desire to always do her best to help make her a great addition to the yard.

Working Pupils

Carreg often has vacancies for working students so its worth getting in touch providing you have work experience and are committed to your riding.