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A short extract from the introduction to “Reminiscences of a Portuguese Ecuyer” by Nuno Oliveira; which has influenced the ethos at Carreg Dressage. Translated by Georges Dewez.
I understood then that equitation as an art is comparable to music and dance. In performing itself it can only vanish, drawing its attraction from the very unlikelihood of this choreography for two, this Pas de Deux.

At its highest level the dialogue fuses into a single voice. The “ecyuer” must at the same time be choreographer and dancer, he upholds the grace, an incredible harmony, he bears within himself the rhythm, carries it and gives it to his partner, he reveals his partners own style while he himself fades away.

The horse has to become the artist. From there on, the ecyuer merely indicates and therein the tragedy lies.

Equestrian Art defined in such a way becomes a desperate art. Once the doors of the manege are closed, only an emotion remains, a lingering vision.