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Nestling in 96 acres of idyllic countryside Carreg Dressage has outstanding facilities. The complex includes a 30m x 15m indoor riding school with a dust free gel track surface and a new 60m x 25m outdoor school with a fantastic turf float surface. 12 stables and a secured tack room are accommodated within the building. There are also horse showering facilities and a drying room. Turn out for horses include large fields, secure stallion paddocks and small paddocks all with plenty of woodland shelter and running water.

Carreg Dressage is an organic farm registered with the Soil Association and is a designated Environmentally Sensitive Area. Carreg Dressage has a Green Dragon award for its environmental policy. The wildlife, flora and fauna are quite exceptional here, red kites are common; it is not unusual to see otters, hares, badgers and foxes or even a pine martin. Along the Gwydol riverbank you might find a kingfisher or some dragonflies and sea trout abound in the nearby Dyfi River.

Bro Ddyfi
The Dyfi Valley is striving to become a model for green tourism and Carreg  has been supported by the Eco Dyfi Partnership  which works towards realising this aim.

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Carreg Dressage farm confirms to the Soil Association's Organic Farm Standards.

Carreg Dressage is powered using 100% renewable electricity.

Carreg - The Farm.

The Indoor School

The Outdoor School

The Stables

The Stream

The Farm cat.